My husband and I will be married 17 years in May. Marriage isn’t always easy but I believe the good times far outweigh the hard times. Here’s 17 reasons why I think marriage is pretty awesome….

  1. You have a best friend for life. If you read my last blog post, I talked about how you get to spend every day with your best friend.
  2. No more dating.
  3. You have someone to go to bed with every night.
  4. You can be yourself and your spouse won’t mind.
  5. I don’t have to fix myself up at home and he doesn’t mind. Actually most of the time he tells me I’m beautiful is when I have no makeup on and lounging in comfy clothes at home.
  6. When you’re sick, you have someone to take care of you.
  7. You have a date for everything.
  8. You don’t have to make difficult decisions alone.
  9. You have someone to share all the special memories with.
  10. You have someone to vent to/visit with every day.
  11. You can create your own family traditions.
  12. After years together, you can communicate with just a look.
  13. Work out partner!
  14. Constantly learning new things about each other. It’s so cool to see how far we have come and changed over the years.
  15. Having children together!!!  There is nothing more special than creating a human being together.
  16. Sharing the chores/responsibility. We make a great team!
  17. Building memories together. Our book of memories keeps growing and has many chapters/pages from the 17 years we have been married.

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