Hello world!

Well…here I go!

First, I want to start with I’m new to this blogging world but jumping in. My hubby and I are about as real as you can get. We have been married for 15+ years. You can imagine during those years we have been through good and of course bad times. We find joy in sarcasm, teasing, laughing and being the best of friends. He is my go to person for everything which is how it should be. We have been blessed with 2 children. We are in that run like crazy stage where they are playing sports and do not have their license to drive.  Some days I feel like I have this marriage and mom gig down, other days I can feel like a complete failure. To some I look like I have it together and in some areas maybe I do but across the board no I don’t. And what you will see here is us. Real and a tell it like it is couple. We plan to cover it all…marriage, parenting, money, finding the balance between raising our kids and our careers and basically just juggling it all. We wear many different hats in any given day and it can be hard to balance it all.

I’m a work in progress. I have areas I can probably help you but I know I have areas you can help me. Sooo let’s lean on each other! I want this blog to be a go to place where you can feel normal (because let’s face it sometimes Fakebook..I mean Facebook can be draining) and join in if you feel like sharing. We can help each other live life to the fullest.

Join me for the ride!