“It’s Your Fault, Mom!”

That’s how my morning started. Sound familiar?

Actually the morning started off peaceful.  My hubby went to work early, the kids got ready, we snapped a pic of us all in green (school colors) and chaos broke loose when we hopped in the Pilot. My son hopped in front which ticked off big sister. I heard so many comments about he’s younger and should be in the back, this is embarrassing, none of my friends sit in the back, etc. Those lines don’t bother me especially when it comes to worrying about what others think. “You do you” may be one of my favorite lines. After this discussion calmed we got about halfway to school when my son realized he forgot one of his school books. And this is when it became my fault. It was my fault his book didn’t get in his backpack. It was my fault I didn’t see it laying in our living room and put it in his backpack for him. I don’t micro manage my kids or their school work. It’s on them to be responsible, to handle their homework and to study for their tests. They know my expectation is try their best and to do a good job. This became a lengthy conversation about responsibility. It did quickly switch to screen time when my son picked his phone up and started looking at it when I’m having a heart to heart conversation.

My kids love to watch YouTube and TikTok. It literally drives me batty how often I see them pick up their phone to look. This morning we talked about how fast their time at home has and will continue to fly by. I asked them tough questions like “Do they think when they go off to college they will tell stories about growing up at home playing their XBox and watching YouTube or will they tell stories about playing games, cards or me whooping them in basketball? Or the time we sat around and visited or went to our farm or the lake.”  It won’t be screen time. They won’t tell stories about their phone or gaming to friends or even farther down the road to their future spouse or kids. I know inside I was getting the oh my god, my mom is crazy. I know…I’ve been a kid and thought it myself. But I’ve also lived and I know what matters. Kids – It’s not your devices. Parents – Limit the screen time and make memories doing things together. Life is short.

I know someday my kids will look back on this morning and think dang it my mom was right. Today I know isn’t the day.  I’m sure it was eye rolls as I drove and after they hopped out to go to school I was mad at myself for getting aggravated at my kids but such is the life of a mom. It isn’t always easy. Sometimes you question yourself if you are making the right decisions or saying the right things. Sometimes you have to have the hard conversations. Tonight after school I’m pretty sure they forgot our morning conversation and they were happy as can be to see their mama.

Your cell phone has already replaced your watch, camera, calendar and alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your family.

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