Mom role? Dad role?

I grew up in a home where my dad handled the outdoor work and mom handled the cleaning and cooking. Well until us kids were old enough to help. We seemed to have roles based on our gender. The boys went outside with dad and us girls helped mom inside with the cleaning and cooking.

The boys were older so as they started to move out, I jumped on moving outdoors and helping with the grass cutting or helping with the hog market over cleaning or cooking. I value the life skills I learned on taking care of our home outside and inside.

Today, as I raise my kids there are no gender roles. The girls don’t just work inside the house and the boys don’t just work outside. There are no tasks that are only for men. Women can cut grass and weed eat, too. There are no tasks just for women. Men can clean a house, do laundry or cook the meals, too. My kids are learning all life skills on caring for a home and family. My kids are learning the value of teamwork. In our home we work together to accomplish the work. You do whatever work needs to be done whether you are male or female, inside or outside the home.

We are a team. Some days I cut the grass because my hubby is taking our son to baseball practice. Some days all 4 of us are outside getting the work done. Some days I handle the laundry. Some days my daughter handles it. Some days it’s all hands on to clean. Other days it’s half of us getting it done or 1 of us if the rest are busy. We both handle scheduling. We both make money. We both work together on our our financial goals.

All days we tag team and share the load of work, home, kids, our lives.

Someday our kids may see we function a little different than some families. I know a lot of mom’s that handle all the cooking. In our home, my hubby does unless he’s not home then I step in. Most days I handle the laundry to even that out. I know a lot of homes that the mom isn’t outside cutting grass either. I also do photography on the side so the kids see the extra hustle I put in for that as well. I’m proud of how we are raising our kids. There is nothing a woman or man can’t handle or can’t do just because society has labeled some roles as a mom role or a dad role.

We are teaching our kids life skills. Male or female (mom or dad) they need to know how to handle all these tasks on their own so they can take care of themselves (and not depend on another) in the big ol’ world.

My hope is as they go out on their own someday they never feel pushed into a certain role because of their sex. I hope they both grow into independent adults that can and know how to take care of themselves. I also hope and pray each of them when they do find someone, they find someone raised with the same work ethic that equally helps in and outside the home.

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